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R.W. Atlas for Waterworks – Plumbing and Tile

Center for Good

Released September 2012

R.W. Atlas, a new collaboration between Waterworks and Roman and Williams, re-imagines an assemblage of utilitarian ideas, contours, and textures as a celebration of the enticing tension that exists between the industrial and the sensual; the familiar and the new. The exquisite fittings, surfaces, and accessories embrace their own singular purposes, while the unprecedented craftsmanship elevates them from the strictly practical to the stunningly original.

R.W. Atlas is the result of a shared principle between its co-creators: that premium objects should break new ground and challenge preconceived ideas. With a reverence for raw materials and the dynamic processes that transform them, these products find glamour and sophistication in the everyday objects that inspired them.


R.W. Atlas for Waterworks – Plumbing and Tile