Cole Haan . New York

Roman and Williams was commissioned by Cole Haan and Nike to handle the redesign of their SoHo store to draw in more shoppers. The firm started by designing a series of interlocking wood and blackened steel pipe shelving, based on the principals of a scaffold, to allow for open viewing of the products from multiple angles. Custom light fixtures clamp onto the shelving to add additional illumination to the products. The lighter wood flooring is contrasted by a ceiling cloaked in a glossy black paint, which adds a luxurious touch throughout the space while also creating a sense of enveloping comfort.

Comfortable seating clusters, with chairs and a sofa hovering around a vintage wooden coffee table, create a living room-like feel, encouraging browsers to linger, relax, and peruse the wares. The crowning focal point of the space is a chandelier which was custom-designed by Roman and Williams. The fixture is created with thousands of individual strands of beaded crystal, spontaneously scooped up and tied into a knot. This casual yet elegant piece welcomes you into the store and defines the main seating area.