Roman and Williams

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Stumptown Coffee


522 sq. ft. - New York, NY 2009

In the film ‘The Future Is Unwritten’, ex-Clash frontman Joe Strummer advocates smoking and its influence on great works of art. “I think non-smokers should be barred from buying any product that a smoker created,” he says. But what about coffee? No doubt the greatest leaps in art and ideas have been caffeine-fueled. In the movie ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’, Iggy Pop and Tom Waits agree that the coffee at IHOP is a “classy brew.”

Situated in the Ace Hotel lobby, Stumptown Coffee is a rather minimalist endeavor, but no less fuelled by coffee and cigarettes than any of Roman and Williams other projects. The floors are travertine. The walnut bar and the enormous light are trimmed in brass. The high-gloss painted wood shelves are stacked with juicers and jars. Chalkboard menus further the tactile vibe. Not IHOP, but one imagines Messrs. Pop and Waits would approve.


Stumptown Coffee