Freehand Miami . Miami

Freeland Miami is a local hideaway, a hostel reinvented in a classic 1930’s building – formerly the Indian Creek Hotel – hidden on an overgrown side street near the ocean, in a garden filled with huge palms, old growth vines, and a rack of beach cruisers.

Roman and Williams collaborated on all aspects of the creation of Freehand Miami, including the branding and the concept. They chose the name and selected a hand- drawn approach to the graphics to inspire a community that creates its own path—an overarching theme in the crafting of the Freehand Miami.

Redefining the idea of hostel living, Freehand’s rooms host sturdy bunk beds with moveable wooden ladders, recalling a camp cabin feel with a 1960’s, bohemian backdrop. In the rec room, Danish and tropical 1940’s furniture mingles with afghan throws, Turkish tapestries, and local art. Dozens of vintage National Geographic Magazines fill the shelves. Sophisticated and spontaneous, Freehand inspires a communal spirit; it is more than just a place to crash for the night.