greydon house . Nantucket

In Nantucket, a resilient place where the land meets the sea and man meets nature, Roman and Williams have designed the interiors of Greydon House for Faros Properties, creating a 20-room hotel at 17 Broad Street with a complete bar and dining room that will be open to the community. Deploying their intrepid style Roman and Williams worked to push the conventions of the local design vernacular by bridging the old world and the new. Surprising continuities and original juxtapositions help to surface hidden facets of Nantucket’s identity and imbue the hotel with a new energy at its core. 

Drawing on the island’s unusual history as a settlement that was both insular and profoundly connected to the sea and the world through its dominance of the global whaling industry, Roman and Williams traced Nantucket’s industry and sense of adventure as it reached across oceans to establish the trade routes that brought prosperity, foreign artifacts, craftsmanship, and the romantic lore that continues to inform the island’s culture. The firm’s investigation of these global elements and the daring spirit motivating them, combined with elements of historic local design, inspired new narratives as well as the irreverently contrasted compositions that the firm is known for.