On a bright and elegant corner of Paris’ 16th arrondissement, Roman and Williams brought its signature to Paris for the first time, giving new life to the 30 year old brasserie, La Rotonde de la Muette.

With views of the Rue Passy and the Eiffel Tower, the animated locale of La Rotonde allowed Roman and Williams to approach with a rich vision, and utmost respect for Paris’ ethos: decadent without being stuffy, elevated but not exclusive, and chic radiance.

At each facet of the La Rotonde’s space, lies attention to detail and reference to eras before us. Walnut paneling in the vestibule, textured Bluestone slabs along the walls, Thonet-inspired tables, brass chandeliers on softly domed ceilings, 19th century-inspired floral patterns, lead one to a focal point in the main bar, a starburst wood sculpture radiantly partnered with custom-designed lighting. Outside, Roman and William’s brought an air of nonchalance and ease, with patio-seating and sofas always facing towards the scenes of the city. La Rotonde was sparked alchemy for Roman and Williams, re-illuminating a storied corner of Paris for its patrons to remember fondly.