ROBIN STANDEFER was educated in Manhattan at the prestigious High School for Art and Design, furthering her studies at the Art Students League of New York City before continuing her fine arts education in Florence, Italy.

After attending Smith and Hampshire College for intensive studies in Fine Arts and the Histories of Art and Architecture, Standefer began curating shows at galleries in New York’s SoHo Art District while developing her reputation as an artist and creative. Standefer possesses a penetrating insight and an unusually prescient power of cultural observation and interpretation balanced by an unerring eye and the practical understanding of color theory, historical context and the curation of objects.

Following her studies she was soon hired by Martin Scorsese to work directly with him as a visual and creative consultant for several of his films which led to her 15-year career set designing and consulting for some of the most respected directors in the world.

With her combined, applied academic and theoretical knowledge of the arts, architecture, and design, Robin has a commanding ability to synthesize volumes of ideas into highly relevant and elegant concepts.

STEPHEN ALESCH is first and foremost a highly-skilled master builder, draughtsman, designer, and craftsman who is versed in many medias. From a very young age, Stephen was devoted to the study of architecture and cultivated an innate feel for symmetry, proportion, balance and harmony, excelling at architectural design and rendering - skills he has honed throughout his life.

After attending Northern Arizona University where he studied philosophy and engineering, Alesch completed a traditional ten-year Architecture Apprenticeship. This extensive apprenticeship at Venice Atelier, and other Los Angeles architectural firms, enabled him to gain traditional skills and methods that are no longer taught.

To this day Alesch renders all of Roman and Williams’ presentation drawing by hand, providing a visual narrative that expresses the DNA for every project. His technical expertise and his skill for designing spaces at both macro and mirco levels enable him to establish the direction of a job and to detail projects flawlessly, creating environments that are majestic yet still humane - an expertise evident even in the earliest days of his career.

His self-taught architectural skills and disciplined field education, has set Alesch apart from his peers and has earned him prestige among some of the most distinguished institutions in the architectural and design community.