The Caveman's Valentine

The Gothic set design of Caveman’s Valentine recalls the work of Gaudi, whose organic forms were a brave rebellion against the prevailing spikiness of the era. Ms. Standefer, a production designer, and Mr. Alesch, an art director, have worked together on films as disparate as the gothic "Caveman's Valentine," and "Zoolander,” but in every project and genre their design work has distinguished them. Hollywood Report Card said of "Caveman's Valentine": "The artistic direction on this film rocks. A photographer's basement work area, sharply detailed with implements and props, fills the screen like a painting."

Kasi Lemmons, who directed "Caveman's Valentine," said: "We tried to do very ambitious things on this film, on a tight budget, and Robin and Stephen pulled them out of a hat. I would be caught up in the logistics of how you could transform a space that was full of junk into a set, and Robin could see through all that. She said, `Just trust me.' They have perfect taste." That perfect taste includes a sensitivity for the nuances of storytelling and character that is evident in all of the couple’s work.