The Stage and Octavius Bar . Milan, Italy


For the The Stage Restaurant at Replay The Stage, Roman and Williams created a completely juxtaposed experience to the store downstairs. Authentic and exposed, Replay The Stage is a real working environment and invites guests to look behind the scenes and immerse themselves in the creative mechanics of how a thing is made; it is a glimpse behind the magic of cinema and movie making. At The Stage restaurant, guests are transported to the extreme opposite of the spectrum – a space so glamorous and completely finished down to the details that you believe the magic is undoubtedly real.

At the center of the Replay The Stage space, Guests ascend a large, open, industrial steel staircase. From the landing, dense layers of equipment and elements that make up a true Hollywood stage are revealed - catwalks and bands of cables to a camera on a boom rig and robust lights and ladders.  At the top of the stairs, another perimeter of the backs of flats draws guest deeper into the theatrical journey and gives way to the glamorous and classically modern The Stage Restaurant, at once absorptive and reflective.


Inspired by their travels and the luxurious materials of a high end yacht, Roman and Williams clad the walls in gently undulating tambour and created the curved African Mahogany ceiling to convey a sense of being inside the belly of a boat, newly constructed and cleanly varnished.  Here, the warm tones and glowing lighting pair with the menu of fresh fish crudo and light bright vegetables in a celebration of the glamorous and the lively, so well expressed in the Milan lifestyle. Guests can catch a glimpse of the nimble galley chefs at work within the white enameled panels of the clean, open kitchen. On the opposite side of this floor, across a steel bridge or through porthole windows, Guests can catch a glimpse of the Octavius Bar. Kitted out with curved seating in creamy leathers and refined stitching, unlacquered brass, clear glass shelving, the wood surroundings are as rich, elegant and comfortable as a Riva cruising the coastal Riviera. The focal point of the room is the polished stainless and brass Bar front, a vague memory of a boat prow cutting through the reflective dark waters under a starry sky. If Replay The Stage is about the making of the dream, the The Stage Restaurant is the completed dream, fully realized.